Import and Export

Australia is one of the most disease free countries in the world and Breedtech happens to be located within a Blue-Tongue free zone. Breedtech also maintains a Bio-security system that offers your country the opportunity to import disease free genetics. Breedtech has been exporting ovine embryos and semen from Australia for over twenty years.

Importing from Australia

Importing embryos and semen from Australia is a good choice in quality control. We can provide you with quality clean genetics of your chosen breed. We can put you in contact with breeders of elite sheep from a wide variety of breeds. You can select from embryos currently in stock which significantly reduces the waiting time for implantation or you can design a new program with genetics of your choice. The first step in importing embryos and semen is to look at your agricultural department’s current importing protocol. You will need to source an importing agent who will correspond with Australia’s exporting agent.
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Exporting from Australia

International buyers are now targeting Australian farmers for their high quality sheep genetics. Embryos, semen and live animals can be exported to many other countries and now is the time to cash in on the world advantage that Australia has with it’s disease free, low cost production animals. If you are an innovative farmer looking for new markets or you have already got an international buyer, we are well experienced to help you export your sheep genetics.