Ovine Service

Owner and Centre Veterinarian Simon Bell, has 22 years experience in the field of ovine artificial reproduction and has gained proficiency in all aspects of embryo transfer including embryo recovery, transfer and freezing. Breedtech services also include semen freezing and storage, artificial insemination and health testing. Breedtech has specialised exclusively in ovine reproduction since its inception in 2000. Breedtech consistently flushes over 1000 donors and freezes more than 2500 embryos for export each year. Breedtech was involved in the recovery of 30 000 embryos from just 200 Awassi ewes during a three year project between 2009 and 2012 and is currently exporting regularly to China.

Embryo Transfer is an efficient way of multiplying elite genetics within a flock, increasing the rate of genetic gain. It can also be used to transfer elite genetics across the world with minimal risk of disease transmission.
Semen freezing can be used for the transport of elite genetics around the world decreasing the risk of disease transmission. Freezing semen enables studs to store the genetics of their best stock and to introduce new genetics whilst maintaining high levels of biosecurity.
Breedtech is accredited with the Department of Agriculture and Food (DAF) for the export of Small Ruminant Genetic Material. This accreditation allows Breedtech to export ovine semen and embryos and in addition Breedtech has attained accreditation to export to China, Chile and Colombia where specific requirements are necessary.
Artificial Insemination is an effective way of utilising the genetics of elite males and removes the barrier of distance and time because of the successful use of frozen semen.
Breedtech is accredited to perform local flock health testing for the Brucellosis Accreditation Scheme (OVAC) and Ovine Johnes Disease (MAP). We also provide an export health testing service for the live shipment of sheep.
Breedtech highly regards the commitment our clients make when developing and improving their sheep genetics. It is for this reason that Breedtech has not chosen to introduce their own genetics to the market and compete with our valued clients. Breedtech offers consultancy to assist in the purchase and sale of sheep genetics locally and internationally.