Health Testing

The most common type of health testing is to detect the presence of Ovine Brucellosis. Flocks can become accredited with the Department of Agriculture on the OVAC Accreditation Scheme. Ovine Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that affects the fertility of rams. Once a ram has been affected it is permanently infertile and can transmit the disease to other rams. The testing is accurate and sensitive and all studs should ensure that this disease is effectively managed and eradicated. When purchasing rams it is essential that the stud you buy from has current OVAC accreditation.

Ovine Johnes Disease is a chronic wasting disease of sheep that is caused by the sheep strain of the bacteria Mycobacterium paratuberculosis. Farmers have the choice of vaccinating their flock for the disease or maintaining a disease free flock. Some farmers have made the decision to become MAP accredited by testing their flock for Ovine Johnes disease and some have maintained and improved their flock status.

It is worth keeping in mind the opportunities that these accreditations can offer you in the increasingly competitive sheep market. Contact Breedtech if you are considering improving the health of your flock.

There is a growing market in the live export of sheep to China and other countries. Breedtech offers the export health testing service your sheep require prior to being accepted for export. Contact us if you are preparing to export live sheep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If brucellosis is present in your flock it can cause chronic infertility.

All rams over the age of 6 months are required to be tested.

A regular sheep handling race.