Equine Service

Dr Rebecca Bell is the veterinarian responsible for equine reproduction at Breedtech. She is passionate about utilising specialist techniques such as embryo transfer for achieving breeding success that is otherwise unattainable in natural breeding programs. Rebecca’s approach to assisted reproduction techniques is built on a strong sense of horse welfare and intuitive handling.

Equine Embryo Transfer is the answer to a number of breeding challenges. It insures the genetics of your best horses while they are in their peak fertility period or in performance training, it allows you to breed a mare who is unable to carry or foal successfully, or to breed your best mare more than once in a season. Breedtech also offers embryo freezing. Embryos can be stored indefinitely as your mare’s genetic insurance or held for a specific reason such as foaling time or better utilization of recipient mares.
Artificial Insemination is a service that provides the breeder with a wide range sires, including international sires. Using either frozen, chilled or fresh AI, the options of a stallion are only limited to your imagination.
Breedtech offers semen evaluation and testing to ensure you know first hand, the fertility of your stallion. We also offer semen freezing which is an excellent way of ensuring your stallions genetics are secure or ready to be shipped to your next client. Breedtech will store semen from your stallion for speculative sales and you can browse the catalogue of stallions currently stored at Breedtech for use over you mare which currently include, Australian Stockhorse, European Eventing Warmblood and Thoroughbred sires.
Ultrasonography of mares is a key breeding management tool. If you need your mare diagnosed for pregnancy or you want to know when is the best time to breed her to save on costly agistment fees, Breedtech can assist you.