Artifical Insemination

Artificial Insemination enables large numbers of synchronised ewes to be laparascopically inseminated with the genetics of elite rams. This exciting technology allows the distribution of specially selected rams to be transported large distances and widely disseminated. It is a cost effective way of putting a very high selection pressure on the sire’s genetics of your breeding program.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. When performed by an experienced technician, it has minimal risk for affecting future breeding.

Up to 400 ewes can be inseminated in one day.

With optimal management of the selected ewes and excellent semen quality, pregnancy rates average up to 85% for fresh semen and 70% for frozen.

With careful management of the dose rate of the hormone injection (PMSG), the number of twins can be optimised.

The requirements for AI are a shed with smooth flooring to enable the efficient movement of sheep cradles, simple yards for the catching of ewes. The cradles and all other equipment is supplied by Breedtech.

We recommend that 3 able-bodied people are to be supplied by the client to assist in the movement and restraint of the sheep.